City of Civitavecchia

Port of the Romans, Gate of the Etruscan and City of sunsets

City of Civitavecchia

Port of the Romans, Gate of the Etruscan and City of sunsets

City of Civitavecchia

Port of the Romans, Gate of the Etruscan and City of sunsets

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The ancient harbour

“Centum Cellae”, as Pliny the Younger writes, was the place where a large port was being built, at the villa of Emperor Trajan, around 110 A.D. Today you can learn about the most fascinating part of the city, following this itinerary that will lead you to discover the Roman remains of the ancient port and then the great works of Renaissance defense, such as the majestic fortress of Julius II, symbol of a glorious past.

The old town

We invite you to a pleasant walk in the streets of the historic center, among the medieval streets, the ancient squares become real “living rooms” citizens, and then, after a coffee and a dessert, a cultural visit to the places of the city dedicated to art, music, theater.

Thermal baths and archaeology

Both today and in ancient times, the pleasure of diving and enjoying warm, healthy waters has remained unchanged. Come and discover the Roman baths of Civitavecchia, places of well-being of today and yesterday.

Places of Worship

City of miracles and devotion, Civitavecchia preserves many churches to discover, each with its own particular history, each with its Saint to venerate; often the point of arrival or departure of suggestive processions, despite the destruction made by the bombings of the last war, and the changes made by the reconstructions, these places still retain the memory and meaning of the original plant.

Places of love

Civitavecchia has many faces: it has the industrial and commercial face of its important port, has the monuments and the testimonies of a thousand-year history, has the memory of illustrious men who have left the mark of their passage more or less fleeting, but above all Civitavecchia is the city of love, of romantic and evocative places, of beautiful sunsets over the sea. Follow this itinerary to discover them all

Movie locations

The intense relationship between the city of Civitavecchia and the cinema has ancient origins, since in 1957 the director Mario Bolognini decided to shoot between the streets and the port “Marisa the owl”, followed, in 1962, by the masterpiece directed by Dino Risi “The overtaking”. With this route, we invite you to take a tour of the city and discover the locations chosen for some successful films and famous television series.



The ITALIAN NAVAL LEAGUE, section of Civitavecchia, hosted the first stage of the Italian Cup for the windsurfing classes Techno 293 and Iq Foil. Twenty-four clubs from all over Italy with 210 athletes: a great sports party, with the sea colored by dozens of sails and...


There are now a few days to one of the most anticipated events in Civitavecchia: the Palio Marinaro, now in its 45th edition. On the occasion of the celebrations in honor of Saint Fermina, patron saint of Civitavecchia and Protector of Sailors, Saturday 20 and Sunday...

The way of Hasekura

The "Way of Hasekura and the Japanese Martyrs" was born, a path traced on the model of "paths" like that of Santiago or that of the "Via Francigena". In this case it is a 107 km long route - illustrated in the site - that crosses streets full...


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